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Rudsambee is a charity registered in Scotland, nr. SC037564
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We made seven CDs in the days when they were a popular medium.

Serendipity (RUBEECD007) - jewelled needles from the haystack of song.

A flea in the ear (RUBEECD006) - a 17-minute sampler of Rudsambee's 2010 repertoire, including ear-ticklers from America, Armenia, Estonia and France.

What are they doing (RUBEECD005) - a gallery of sounds and styles - 27 songs, 9 languages, 500 years.

Out of the Christmas flame (RUBEECD004) - Christmas and midwinter songs.

Bottled at Source (RUBEECD003) - Rudsambee's own songs.

Citrus and Honey (RUBEECD002).

Dies Natalis Invicti Solis (RUBEECD001), a collection of Christmas and midwinter music.