A flea in the ear

This is a 17-minute sampler of Rudsambee’s 2010 repertoire, including ear-ticklers from America, Armenia, Estonia and France.

We bring you the ancient – a jolly renaissance ditty about a flea – and the modern – Abbie Betinis’ lovely cradle song for the infant Jesus. Our long-standing interest in “world music” is represented by folk song settings from Armenia and Estonia. Works by Arvo Pärt and Claude Debussy complete the selection.

Track list

1. Bogoróditse djévo Arvo Pärt [1m 7s]
2. Dormi Jesu Abbie Betinis [3m 58s]
3. Une puce Claude Le Jeune [2m 31s]
Three Armenian folk songs arr: Komitas Vardapet
4. Shogher jan [0m 37s]
5. Chinar es [3m 0s]
6. Im chinari yare [1m 37s]
7. Dieu qu’il la fait bon regarder Claude Debussy [1m 46s]
8. Õunapuu (Apple tree) Veljo Tormis [1m 0s]
9. On hilissuvi Veljo Tormis [1m 35s]

Playing time 17 minutes.

The singers

Robin Andrews, Kay Barclay, Claire Cochrane, Jenny Fardell, Anne Grindley, Sebastian Meller, Helen Miles, Elaine Nicol, AnnaLauren Packer, Arno Proeme, Natalie Ross, Chris Scott, Douglas Shaw, Angus Wallace, Luke Westendarp, John Wexler, Susan Wexler.

Directed by Ollie Singleton

Recorded in the Reid Hall, University of Edinburgh, June 26 2010.
Recording and production: Ali Murray, Helen Miles
Design: Claire Cochrane

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