Citrus and Honey

Citrus and Honey is an original collection of unaccompanied singing from this lively Edinburgh-based company of singers.

  • songs of love, longing, joy and sadness
  • new arrangements of traditional songs from Scotland, France, Egypt and Croatia
  • settings of theatre songs by William Shakespeare and Ben Jonson
  • our own settings of words by Marion Angus, Helen Cruickshank, Hugh MacDiarmid, William Soutar and others
  • psalms and songs of praise from Scotland, Finland, South Africa and the Caucasus

Track list

  1. Voilà l’marchand d’chansons (traditional French) [0:50]
  2. Alaj, alaj Jano (traditional Croatian) [2:05]
  3. The sweet o’ the year (Shakespeare theatre song) [1:30]
  4. There was a sang (Scots poem setting) [1:40]
  5. A kiss (Ben Jonson theatre song) [1:40]
  6. Mary’s song (Scots poem setting) [2:40]
  7. Sovay, Sovay (traditional) [2:20]
  8. Ay waukin, O (traditional) [2:40]
  9. Ce moys de may (Clément Janequin, 16th century) [1:10]
  10. O lusty May (Scottish anon, c. 1545) [2:40]
  11. Gaol mo chridh-sa Màiri bhàn (traditional Gaelic wedding song) [2:10]
  12. Ya amar ya dilâroosa (traditional Arabic wedding song) [1:25]
  13. Wheesht, wheesht (Scots poem setting) [1:20]
  14. The tryst (Scots poem setting) [1:55]
  15. Take my hand (original words and music) [2:55]
  16. Mignonne, allons voir si la rose … (17th century tune and words) [2:15]
  17. Fear no more the heat of the sun (Shakespeare theatre song) [1:50]
  18. J’ai cueilli la belle rose (Canadian folk song) [1:50]
  19. Tourdion (French drinking song, 16th century) [2:35]
  20. An Indian Summer Sunday (original words and music) [2:30]
  21. Flow my tears (tune by John Dowland c.1600) [2:45]
  22. O Lord my God (16th century Scottish psalm) [2:10]
  23. Aurora rutilat (composition based on Medieval plainsong) [3:20]
  24. Ts’midao ghmerto (traditional Georgian song of praise) [1:20]
  25. Soi kunniaksi Luojan (psalm by Jean Sibelius 1865-1957) [2:00]
  26. Akanamandla (South African song of praise) [2:00]
  27. La vie est brève [1:30]

Playing time c 55 minutes

Welcome to Rudsambee’s second album, which delves into perennial themes of love and longing, remembrance and thankfulness, jubilation and melancholy.

Several of the singers in Rudsambee write lyrics and music of their own, and this album features many new compositions and arrangements by Michael Buck, Frances Cockburn, Peter Hill and Sheena Phillips.

Many of our songs dwell on the passing of time, love, and life. There was a sang and Wheesht, wheesht look back on past passion. Mignonne and Fear no more the heat of the sun are about ageing and death. But, as the name Citrus and honey is meant to suggest, we like to counterpose the bitter with the sweet. While Flow my tears is pure melancholy, Ce moys de may is sheer delight. We have many songs about loss but also a rowdy drinking song (Tourdion), some South African energy and syncopation (Akanamandla), and a lively cautionary tale (Sovay).

Towards the end of the album are mostly songs of praise in very different styles, from the contemplative O Lord my God to the soaring Aurora rutilat. You’ll find the phrase citrus and honey itself in the song Take my hand.

We hope you enjoy our selection and the singing.

The singers

Lena Björk, Roddy Braggins, Kaye Brewster, Christina Brown, Michael Buck, Paul Carline, Mirren Childs, Frances Cockburn, Jenny Fardell, Peter Hawkins, Peter Hill, Sari Kontkanen, Anna Partridge, Sheena Phillips, Frank Tollick, John and Susan Wexler.

Directed by Sheena Phillips

Recorded in Stockbridge Parish Church, Edinburgh, September 1998

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