What are they doing?

Rudsambee’s fifth CD continues our fifteen-year exploration of songs from across the ages and around the world, with nine languages represented and a span of five hundred years. To bring you something different, we have introduced the distinctive styles of contemporary composers (Eric Whitacre, Christian Onyeji, Veljo Tormis, Abbie Betinis, Morten Lauridsen, and more) and even a couple of numbers from the charts. If some of this music is new to you, we hope you will enjoy the encounter as much as we have.

Track list

1. Amuworo ayi otu nwa [3:19]
2. La, la, la, je ne l’ose dire [1:12]
3. Vísur Vatnsenda-Rósu [1:46]
4. Envoi [3:20]
5. The Dark Eyed Sailor [1:53]
6. Hide and seek [4:44]
from Vepsa Rajad (Vepsian Paths)
7. Kiisu Miisu (Pussy cat) [0:46]
8. Laulda teile lauluke (To sing you a little song) [0:31]
9. Taevased kosilased (The heavenly suitors) [1:39]
10. Mis teil tehakse (What are they doing?) [0:36]
11. Soorb (Sanctus) [2:32]
12. Lux Aurumque [3:24]
13. Dindirin Dindirin [1:43]
14. En une seule fleur [2:38]
Five Hebrew Love Songs:
15. Temuná (A picture) [1:32]
16. Kalá Kallá (Light bride) [3:10]
17. Lárov (Mostly) [0:44]
18. Éyze shéleg! (What snow!) [2:15]
19. Rakút (Tenderness) [2:04]
20. O magnum mysterium [3:01]
21. Stray cat strut [2:12]
22. Tha bean agam [0:55]
23. Chuala mi e [0:27]
24. Còta fad’ air Dòmhnull lòm [0:30]
25. ‘S ann an Ile [1:36]
26. Ave Maris Stella [2:12]
27. Preab san ól (Another round) [1:53]

Playing time 53 minutes.

The singers

Robin Andrews, Claire Cochrane, Alison Cook, Jenny Fardell, Anne Grindley, Peter Hill, Rachel King, Sebastian Meller, Helen Miles, Elaine Nicol, AnnaLauren Packer, Arno Proeme, Natalie Ross, Kay Russell, Chris Scott, Douglas Shaw, Oliver Singleton, Claire Warden, John Wexler, Susan Wexler; guest singers Helen Beauchamp and Robert Jenkin.

Piano: Anne Grindley; violin: Aaron McGregor.

Directed by Ollie Singleton

Recorded in St Peter’s Scottish Episcopal Church, Lutton Place, Edinburgh, 2008

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